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Social and personable, philosophical and emotionally intelligent, curious and avid learner. Uses communication and team building skills to contribute to numerous pursuits and organizations. Aspires to lead not as a manager, but as a servant leader. Embraces constant growth by building on passionate curiosity. Seeks to grow as a charitable human being and mechanical engineer. Ready, willing, and able to offer multiple skills to contribute to the hiring company. Aspiring to work in the research and development field. From Richmond, VA. Homeschooled. Graduated from New Deliverance Christian Academy as Valedictorian, graduated from Hening Elementary School, graduated from Manchester Middle School, graduated from Thomas Dale Specialty Center of Acting with an Advanced Diploma a year early went to the West Point STEM Camp. Studying for a Bachelor's of Science with a major in Mathematical Science with a concentration in Applied Mathematics at Virginia Commonwealth University as a Brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, A.F. and A.M. Mason, and studying at John Tyler Community College. Member of First Baptist Church and Fifth Baptist Church.

Jabriyel Banks

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